About Us:

Florida One Provider is a health care administration and marketing company, registered in the state of Florida, in partnership with Florida licensed dentists. All dental treatment is provided by Florida licensed dentists, on-site at our patient’s homes or living facilities.

Our dental consultant, Dr. H. Fried DDS, has over 30 years private and institutional dental experience in providing dentures and general dental services to thousands of patients. Having lectured on dental topics at various venues including the Greater NY Dental Convention, Dr. Fried and his staff of trained and licensed professionals will ensure your treatments’ success.

Our Mission:

To make dentures available to ANYONE who needs them! We come to your home, community, assisted living facility or 55+ housing complex when needed.

                                   A team of licensed dental professionals offers                                                                                       this unique service in two visits.                                                   DENTAL INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED

          call or email 941.227.7602   info@floridaoneprovider.com