Next steps: economy dentures

1. Submit your form,call ,or email so we may schedule a private no charge online consultation. In the online discussion or over the phone

2. If you agree to be treated, your next step will be to schedule an on-site dental exam. In order to schedule the exam,make a payment of $99.00 on the website’s gateway page

3. At the scheduled first visit,a formal dental exam will be done and impressions for new dentures will be made. The denture payment will be due in full before the second and insertion visit

4. Costs: Internet cash price is $349.00 per denture. The internet cash cost for the full upper and lower set is $698.00. Fees for additional services may be incurred at a later time at your choosing. INSURANCE: If you are a member of a Florida Blue dental plan,your plan will cover you. Florida One Provider is in NETWORK.Dental plan members may skip the online payment section and contact us directly to schedule your exam and begin treatment.

5. The onsite consultation fee is non refundable,should you choose not not receive treatment after the first visit and covers the cost for the on site dental exam.

6. After the first home visit, an appointment is made for the follow up delivery visit by making the payment by credit card on our payments page,or over the phone with your card, once we call you to schedule the subsequent visit. Generally two weeks are needed between the first and second visit for lab work. This time frame is an approximation only.

7. When the denture is delivered it is preliminarily adjusted. The dentist will come back after delivering the appliance within one month to adjust it again if needed. Additional adjustments can be ordered on the site (if needed) to ensure proper fit. These adjustments can be scheduled for a fee. Dental Insurance: Many plans will pay for your treatment with little or no out of pocket cost.Non financed dental services must be paid in full before appliance delivery.